The Wishing Tree

St John's Centre
The Wishing Tree helps to spread festive proclamations of goodwill, selflessness and positivity from Leodians. Positive messages, written on seeded paper and hung from the tree, will bloom into flowers when they are gathered and planted in the New Year.
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The Wishing Tree
The Wishing Tree

As the brainchild of LeedsBID team member Jordan Harrison-Reader, the Wishing Tree provides a simple, interactive and intimate installation for Leodians to enjoy and directly shape.

To take your part in the installation, simply write a Christmas wish or message on the seeded paper labels provided, and hang it from a branch on one of the two white trees upstairs in the St John’s Centre, close to the famous music store Jumbo Records.

Everyone connects to this festive season in a different way, and this installation offers the people of Leeds the chance to voice their own feelings. Write a message of goodwill to a friend or loved one, and simply clip it to one of the trees’ branches.

These messages, brimming with positivity, hopefulness, joy and a myriad other Christmas emotions, will be collected up regularly by St John’s staff as the trees fill, and carefully stored. This collection of Leeds voices will then be donated to the gardens of St George’s Crypt and the Leeds General Infirmary, so that these personal messages of goodwill and peace from the people of Leeds can truly take root, and blossom, into flowers in the city centre.

The trees hope to create a library of positivity from the diverse voices that make up the great city of Leeds.
Goodwill, kindness and compassion are the key messages of Christmas, which can sometimes get lost in the rush and frenzy we can all get sucked into. The trees hope to bring these messages back to the fore.
The installation hopes to spread Christmas joy by displaying highly personal messages of love, hope and positivity in an anonymous way – reminding us that we are all individuals who collectively make up a whole city.
The St John’s Centre was chosen for its heavy footfall and central location, so as to engage with some of the many people who pass through the centre daily.
The thousands of seeded paper tags were each handcut.
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