The Murmuration Cloud

The Light
Interact with the Murmuration Cloud, bringing it to life, swirling over heads with the simple beat of a drum.
Partners & credits:
The Murmuration Cloud
The Murmuration Cloud

This sound-responsive installation complete with drum set responds to volume and pitch with people invited to take to the floor and play the cloud into an explosion of light.

Operating: 2nd Dec-6th Jan 2018

The piece uses around 100 metres of glass fibre filament tissue, 80 metres of polyester fibreglass rods and 42 metres of micro-cable.
Using new materials and new processes, the piece is challenging – specific to the space it is in, Paul and Griet didn’t know the exact sound dynamics until they installed The Murmuration Cloud in situ..
The structure is large, at 5 metres long and 1.7 metres deep.
Two projectors send light into and onto the cloud.
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