O2 Academy
The experts at Lumen, alongside Dave Lynch & Antony Kitson, are combining their prodigious talents to beam an eye-catching projection of winter themes and tones onto the O2's window façade, one of the most impressive features of the amazing Grade II-listed Gothic exterior of the O2 Academy.
Partners & credits:

Highlighting the stunning architecture, watch out for the hypnotic display as darkness settles, every night through December from 2nd until Christmas weekend, and then Boxing Day until January 2nd.

The O2 is one of the most famous music venues in the city, and is undeniably one of the most beautiful. Originally opened in 1885 by Prince Albert, the early 20th century saw this building (then known as The Coliseum) hosting many different events, as different as political meetings and circus shows!

The route in front of the O2 is one of the busiest pedestrian thoroughfares into Millennium Square, linking the universities to the heart of the city. Standing out on this route through December, the O2 will astound passersby on the way to the German Christkindlmarkt.

An original creative composition from Lumen, the renowned Leeds-based creative light and projection specialists, Radial makes an innovative and captivating contribution to the Christmas trail, beaming across from the Leeds City College Technology Campus onto this imposing Gothic façade.

It will run from 4pm-10pm daily, from the 2nd until the 31st of December.
Radial will make use of the Gothic façade of the 02 Academy.
Lumen have worked on projects from local to national in scale, with previous clients including the BBC, Opera North and the Hepworth, Wakefield.
Winter-inspired imagery will sit majestically on the superfice of the 02, utilising its impressive, round Gothic window.
The 02 Academy, as it’s now known, has had many incarnations – between the 1930s and the 1990s its roles were as broad as cinema, television studio and bingo hall!
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