Park Square Tree Lights

Park Square
Five statuesque trees wrapped with 20,000 LEDs light the square throughout the winter months as the trees’ branches stretch like arteries into the night’s sky.
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Park Square Tree Lights

Park Square is a quiet but elegant space in the western, business end of the city. Overlooked by a series of beautiful and austere Georgian and Victorian buildings and businesses, the square is framed by trees. Alongside the beautiful lanterns created by East Street Artist Alison Smith which hang from the square’s central tree, Park Square’s five most commanding trees have been decorated with a sprinkling of LEDs which climb up their trunks and into the trees’ uppermost branches.

Having listened to the feedback they received last year, LeedsBID’s Christmas in Leeds campaign decided to light up this square, bringing some festive cheer and winter light into this previously darker end of town. Not only are these trees lit up with twinkling festive elegance now; they will continue to light the square during the darkest months of the year whilst the clocks are rolled back, bringing light and subtle beauty to the square.

40,000 fairy lights decorate five trees in the square.
The lights will stay in the trees after Christmas passes, lighting Park Square whilst the clocks are back and the streets are dark, until the clocks go forward in March.
LeedsBID took on feedback about the square’s lack of festive lighting last year, and this year rose to the challenge!
The trees will jump into life as soon as the Victorian streetlamps fire up every evening.
Elegant LEDs climb from halfway up the trees’ trunks into their uppermost branches.
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