Marvel in awe at some of the stunning sights coming to Leeds this Winter. Whether you’re travelling on foot or by public transport, you can’t miss some impressive spectacles around the city.

Originally gifted from Norway as a “thank you” for help post-war, the familiar and much-loved City Square Christmas tree will yet again twinkle magnificently, wowing visitors to Leeds each day throughout the festive period.

Another recognisable sight is the ethereal SPIRIT installation, last seen hovering in Leeds train station. This Christmas, gaze in wonder as the huge internally-lit figure flies high in the sumptuous Victoria Quarter location, suspended by lengths of white thread.

Travel to Wellington Place and you’ll see Wagon Lifting Hoist Projections created by Leeds Arts University students. Festive-light projections grace the historic lifting tower elegantly.

Nearby in Wellington Street, discover Heofon, an immersive light maze which astonishes by overlapping light patterns with changing colours.

Don’t miss seeing Holy Trinity Church too, illuminated simply but beautifully. With a cascading waterfall of lights, the juxtaposition of the historic Georgian building next to its modern neighbours couldn’t be more effective.

There’s a host of wondrous sights to see as you explore the city centre’s impressive shopping arcades and listed buildings.

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