Leeds probably shines brightest over the Christmas period, as street illuminations and shops all dazzle onlookers with delightful festive sights.

Renowned internationally for their displays, Harvey Nichols doesn’t disappoint this year. High-energy window designs are stopping shoppers in their tracks, dazzling with a riot of disco colours and luxurious gift ideas.

At Park Plaza Hotel, Candy Chaos is an illuminating artistic representation of the masses of sweet wrappers, decorations, and wrapping paper typical of this time of year. This beautiful installation has been created using commercial waste from the Quality Street factory in Halifax (sourced via Scrap Creative Reuse).

The epitome of beauty, however, is delivered by the Park Square Tree LightsHere, 20,000 delicate lights adorn trees across the Square, providing a splendid and stylish twinkling, Christmas display.

The installation, Frost Blossoms accompanies this magical scene with icy formations clinging to branches. These wintry blooms are crafted from recycled commercial packaging materials donated by Leeds Art Gallery.

From festive lights reflected in the Leeds waterways, stunning architecture adorned with decorations, and window displays presented perfectly, it’s not hard to find beauty in the city.

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