City Square Christmas Tree

City Square
The colossal Christmas tree that stands proudly in City Square has been injected with even more festive cheer this year. Around the base of the tree will be scenes of festivity, as twinkling lights and pop-up Christmas performances, including brass bands and choirs, brighten up the chilly Leeds streets.
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City Square Christmas Tree
City Square Christmas Tree
City Square Christmas Tree

City Square’s massive and much-loved Christmas tree was originally gifted from Norway as a “thank you” for our help post-war. This year’s tree is surrounded by wooden boxes at its base, showcasing the culture, retail and hospitality Leeds has to offer, all waiting to be unwrapped as you explore Christmas in Leeds.

As well as these hand-painted and lit boxes, the tree will be the focus of scenes of festivity, as twinkling lights and pop-up Christmas performances including brass bands, jazz and choirs spread Christmas spirit in City Square.

This year the tree hopes to merge old and new; inspired by iconic Leeds landmarks and locations, the design intends to fuse the city’s heritage with all of the recent developments Leeds has welcomed.

This year’s City Square tree is a massive 50 feet tall.
It is decorated with 24,000 lights.
The original Leeds tree was gifted from the King of Norway after World War II to thanks Britain for its efforts in the liberation of Norway.
The tree used to be located outside the police station, where John Lewis now proudly sits, but was relocated to City Square.
The huge tree had to be especially chosen for its shape and size, and has to be carefully anchored and protected, guarding it both against Winter winds and any over-energetic late night visitors who might try to climb it!
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